Jan 23, 2019, 12:55 AM


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[Survival] Weekend Event!

Started by Aymaneto, Jan 09, 2019, 06:55 AM

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Hey everyone, this weekend SashaLarie, Super_Boox and Myself will be hosting towerleafluck!

- We will be hosting 3 rounds in total.

- Each winner for each round will win a prize of 100k!

The event will take place on Saturday 11am CST. Click here for countdown - https://bit.ly/2H2ZlMX

Hope to see you all there!


i will be there
â-'â-ˆâ-€â-€â-€â-ˆ â-'â-ˆâ"€â"€â-'â-ˆ   â-'â-ˆâ-€â-€â-€â-ˆ â-'â-ˆâ-€â-€â-€â-ˆ
â"€â-„â-„â-„â-€â-€   â-'â-ˆâ-„â-„â-„â-ˆ â"€â"€â-„â-„â-„â-€â-€ â"€â-„â-„â-„â-€â-€
â-'â-ˆâ-„â-„â-„â-ˆ â"€â"€â-'â-ˆâ"€â"€  â-'â-ˆâ-„â-„â-„â-ˆ â-'â-ˆâ-„â-„â-„â-ˆ

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