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Started by AutoHandler, Feb 11, 2019, 03:19 AM

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In-game Nickname: Amazingpro

   Forum username: AmazingPro

   Why were you banned ?:

   Why should you be unbanned ?
   I shouldn't totally be UN-BANNED, because I did what I did, I just want a lesser time period then forever or one year, maybe one month or a couple of weeks would be fine. I love this server and the people on it. I also spent a lot of effort getting the Items I use, and after I got my rank I got a bit cocky and started using the x-ray. I love the server and most the people on it. It Super Fun. So please don't Ban me forever.

   Extra Information:
   Yes my gmail is

P.S. Even If I Don't Get Accepted Please Keep The Server Running For Years


Are you banned? Click here to request an unban.


Hello AmazingPro i was the mod that banned you for x-ray! I would like to thank you for being very cooperative and accepting your punishment quickly as it makes my job as a mod much easier. However that does not mean you'll be treated any differently as you still broke one of our server rules. To be unbanned please accept my terms!

- Wear the untrusted rank for 2 hours (limited commands)
- have all iron+ removed from your chests and inventory (including tools and armor.)
- have your EMP (in game money) set to 0 emp
- state what your favorite song is so i know you've read this far.

Please reply within 48 hours otherwise your appeal will be locked with no unban.


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Have you heard the news? I'm into dudes! ;)


I except every sing one of the terms that you have given me. Also my favourite song is One Great City by the weakerthens, I highly suggest you listen to it.

Have you heard I'm into Both [insert Harry Potter Gif]


Alright thanks for agreeing to my terms I have notified an admin+ to set the terms for you!

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Have you heard the news? I'm into dudes! ;)


The terms have been set. You can ask for your rank back when your total uptime reaches 18h 13m. You can do this by making a #support ticket on discord or by asking for an Admin ingame. You are now unbanned.

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