Feb 17, 2019, 05:55 PM


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7CK or Skelefication

Started by AutoHandler, Feb 14, 2019, 12:28 AM

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In-game Nickname: 7CK or Skelefication

   Forum username: diamondcc888

   Why were you banned ?:
   For advertising on the server where the RE was going to be when Rednian was getting liquidated and banned.

   Why should you be unbanned ?
   I have rethought my whole existence and wish to come back.

   Extra Information:


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Hey Skelefication! I will be handing this over to the Manager+ team for them to look over and decide. Please wait up to 48 hours for a reply. :)

 :redflower: :redflower::redflower::redflower::redflower::redflower::redflower::redflower::redflower::redflower:

Have you heard the news? I'm into dudes! ;)


After discussing with the Manager+ team, we have decided that you will not be unbanned anytime in the near future. Locking.

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