Jul 16, 2019, 07:53 am


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Understanding Mental Health Awareness Course

Started by Beanz__, Mar 21, 2019, 07:27 pm

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hi guys i'm going to be starting (in a few days) a understanding mental health awareness course an if any of you have any of the following (like legitly do) then please message me on discord Beanz_#6162 (if you know someone who has cared for someone with the following then that'll also be helpful as well)

the following listed is what i'll be learning part of my course

-Anxiety Disorders
-Phobia's (not sure what type but all is equally important to me so message me and explain your phobia and how it affects you)
-Post natal (not sure what this is but it's a topic)
-Dementia (i know quite a bit about this already)
-Eating disorders
-PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder)

any and all help will be appreciated as long as it is truthful and not just memes as this is important to me on so many different levels it's ridiculous. As i've said before if you have any information that can help then dm me on discord my name is Beanz_#6162


Postnatal depression happens sometimes after you give birth. It's caused by hormone changes, trouble adjusting to motherhood, fatigue etc.


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PTSD isn't only for military, there is a lot of reasons of why a certain person can have PTSD, (ex: abuse, trauma, car accident, etc.)

ADHD effects concentration on a certain task and sometimes can make you be distracted by something else and might make you lose interest in what you were doing to do the other task instead.

Hopefully that somewhat helped you in a way.


thank you guys so far for the information i am sure this will help me (haven't started it even though it has been a week since i should of started an that is because i have the most USEFUL tutor who clearly knows how to inform me on stuff)