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From the Start 2012-2019

Started by Asc4Yin, May 16, 2019, 06:58 am

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SuperFunTime. It's one of the best Minecraft servers out there; Despite being lost in time, as a dying server now. I remember the first time I joined. I had never touched Minecraft before that time. Only once in survival. The player base consisted of hundreds of players daily. SFT reached server top #1 spot for weeks sometimes. My username on this amazing fantastic server was ExBuilder1 at the time. Some of you may know me, many probably not. I do remember some things though; GotAnError, Qwerty, Towelie; Many more staff I remember vividly. I admit I had been a trouble maker, intentionally? No.
(If you would like proof that I was around this time, I do remember this sort of spiral glass spawn structure. Stone platform underneath. Then another spawn ingrained in a mountain with a rainbow on top.)

Eventually I became a casual player on SFT, making friends here and there sadly not keeping in touch with them. This is around the time I had became Veteran on the server. Proudest day on this server. Even joined my brother's party "Veteran Party" which took veterans of the server, gathered them up, and just chilled; had fun listening to Minecraft CDs, maybe a drop party. Sometimes Towelie made an appearance, or the admins.

However eventually everything stopped. I did everything I had wanted on the server; I got bored. I had nothing to do, I just walked around joining some events, Mob Arena for instance, or old quiz games. Sometimes even spleef. Build Battle? Anyway; I got bored of it all. I quit the server and didn't return for years. This is when the server seemingly started to die, when I came back; The server had only a fraction of it's normal daily players. No one remembers who you are, what happened, nothing. Like a whole new server; everything was different.

It was sad. The original community that I remember had died, and likely wont ever come back.

Anyway; I just decided it's time to revisit the server for the last time. Thanks SFT for being the best Server out there, It's sad to see you go, and to see myself out. But it's for the better. I will take my memories with me and leave behind a tiny glance to the past of this server.

To new players: Enjoy the server and don't take things for granted because it'll one day be gone. Enjoy the experience, fun, and cherish the new found friends.
To new and old staff: Thank you for keeping the server safe, containing it as some kind of Time Capsule

To Towelie: I doubt you'll read this, but if you are; thank you for everything, for this server. Without this server; I don't know where'd I be. Ironically without a lot of my current long-term friends. It kept me in the game and entertained me on the darkest days, and the best of days. While you may not see anything in this server; I see my past, which is a present that has everything I could've ever asked for and more.

Now here's the end, sit down; enjoy Minecraft and have a Super Fun Time on the server while it lasts.