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Custom Recipes

Started by Mord3005, Jun 16, 2019, 11:44 AM

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Hello everyone

Seeing as some items don't have a recipe, I've added some custom ones myself. If you got any ideas how to improve them or want other items added, reply to this post please.

List of Custom Recipes:

Insulated Rubber Hose:

Three Rubber Bars or Rubber will give you one Industrial Rubber Hose (SHAPELESS)

Solar Panel:

One Photovoltaic Cell or one Basic Solar Panel or one Solar Panel will give you one Solar Panel (SHAPELESS)

Computer Chip:

One Electronic Circuit will give you one Computer Chip (SHAPELESS)

Liquid Nitrogen Bucket:

One Gelid Cryotheum Bucket will give you one Liquid Nitrogen Bucket (SHAPELESS)


One Electromagnet (either completely empty or completely full) will give you one Magnet (SHAPELESS)

Carbon Myofiber:

Two Leather and one Coal will give you one Carbon Myofiber (SHAPED)

Myofiber Gel:

Two Slime Balls and one Water Bucket will give you one Myofiber Gel (and a Bucket) (SHAPED)

Artificial Muscle:

Two Carbon Myofibers and one Myofiber Gel will give you one Artificial Muscle (SHAPED)
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