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Pokemon Issue

Started by WEEDYL4N, Jun 24, 2019, 04:18 PM

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A while back about (2/3) years ago on SFT pixelmon i had spent alot of money on getting pokemon and i jumped on last night to play as i was going to start playing again and it was a shock to me when i logged on and my team was not there anymore my lvl 100 torterra, lvl 100 groundon, lvl 100 kyogre, lvl 100 rayquazza and my lvl 55 luxray
im not sure if im able to get them back or if a refund is possible im really not sure please contact me please.



Uhm..... yikes... so okay while you were gone the server had been through a bunch of restarts and for this specific one they had to reset all in exchange of getting an up to date server version, server is still fun but the thing is that you donated so long ago that refunds can't be done. Trust me as I say this, I donated so much wayback in pixclassic days but i can asure you that the server is still fun and legend spawns are really neat on there.
anyways welcome back and hope despite the odds of a refund being so small that you'll still give the update a shot. <3
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