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[Survival] Apply for Architect

Started by TeraStorm, Jul 27, 2019, 05:22 pm

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Hi guys, its that time again where we're looking for some fresh builders for the architect team. If you're interested in joining either reply or dm me filling in the form below.

Ingame name:
Warps to builds:

A lil bit of information as to why its worth becoming an architect:

- Fly perms & compass perms to help with building
- Over time you can have sponsored blocks for building attractions (free blocks monitored by the managers)
- Rewards for completing spawns & attractions

Thanks to all who apply, we'll try get back to any applications as soon as possible.

I'll be Flaca to your Maritza daddy Emma <3


I'd like to add, if you're going to send pictures please don't add shaders because it makes it way harder to judge. :heart:

 :redflower: :redflower::redflower::redflower::redflower::redflower::redflower::redflower::redflower::redflower:

Have you heard the news? I'm into dudes! ;)


Ingame name: Dondougo
Hours: like 2k?
Discord: you have it
Warps to builds: /warp donsbesthouse is definitely the better one, /warp ego

It was fun spending a day working on spawn, pls hire me thx


Ingame name: JustAddWater bb
Hours: 837
Discord: shy guy #5898
Warps to builds: /warp sf and /warp mudder are my favourite but i also have /warp fwd and /warp waternewhouse

thanks for considering me :D