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Started by AutoHandler, Aug 06, 2019, 08:27 pm

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In-game Nickname: Vwynn

   Forum username: Vwynn

   Why were you banned ?:

   Why should you be unbanned ?
   I died So i spammed in chat random letters
cause i was mad then in chat it said (random spam letters).(random spam letters)
the dot inbetween made it look like a linkor server ip so i was instantly banned.
If there is no autoban for that then idk how i was banned

   Extra Information:


Are you banned? Click here to request an unban.


Hey there @Vwynn ! You were banned by @Darren64_NY for advertising. 

I have informed him of this request but please be patient as it may take up to 48 hours for a response. :)
I enjoy the act of xD-ing, like if you agree


I will unban you if you agree to some terms:

Wear untrusted rank for an hour

Promise to never mention servers again.

You have 48hrs to respond.


ok i promise :) and i agree


You are unbanned, welcome back.