Aug 05, 2020, 07:51 PM


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[Survival] The Casino Update!

Started by BluetigerESW, Sep 24, 2019, 02:52 PM

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Hey there everyone! Thanks to @abandoncaptian we now have 2 casino plugins on the server! Roulette can be played by do /rou <table> (do /rou to list the available table tiers).  Additionally the old slots plugin is back once again!  You can play Slots by doing /slots <bet>. :)

Good luck and happy gambling!**

**Disclaimer: Gambling is BAD kids, don't try it at home!
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Oh God, I had a hard enough time saving up my money.


I am so happy the slots plugin is back! Good Job guys! I'm excited for what is coming in the future!
Hey! Sorry but you don't have permission to view that!


May I remind players that unlike /slots, the machines at /warp DuckysPalace don't have a cooldown. You also always get a prize, even if you don't win. 8)