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[Survival] Apply for Architect

Started by TeraStorm, Jul 27, 2019, 05:22 PM

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Hi guys, its that time again where we're looking for some fresh builders for the architect team. If you're interested in joining either reply or dm me filling in the form below.

Ingame name:
Warps to builds:

A lil bit of information as to why its worth becoming an architect:

- Fly perms & compass perms to help with building
- Over time you can have sponsored blocks for building attractions (free blocks monitored by the managers)
- Rewards for completing spawns & attractions

Thanks to all who apply, we'll try get back to any applications as soon as possible.


I'd like to add, if you're going to send pictures please don't add shaders because it makes it way harder to judge. :heart:

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Ingame name: Dondougo
Hours: like 2k?
Discord: you have it
Warps to builds: /warp donsbesthouse is definitely the better one, /warp ego

It was fun spending a day working on spawn, pls hire me thx


Ingame name: JustAddWater bb
Hours: 837
Discord: shy guy #5898
Warps to builds: /warp sf and /warp mudder are my favourite but i also have /warp fwd and /warp waternewhouse

thanks for considering me :D


Update: architects now have god to prevent them from dying whilst building.

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:heart:You MUST learn to help yourself. Thats how you become stronger. :heart:


I've been putting this off for a while now, but i feel it is finally time now that I see the privilages that people who fancy building crave. I know I have rejected the offer to be an Architect for a long time, but only now do I realize it is only up from here.

Ingame name: Delmaire
Hours: 760 Hours, Joined August 2018
Discord: Ping @Delmaire on the SFT Discord, or send me a DM from there.

I have not been banned.

Warps to builds:

/warp delmaire_castle- traditional medieval castle, interior and many walls are unfinished but has a nice base design.
/warp delmanor- 80% complete old american mansion, inspired by the Monte Cello.
/warp pumpking- my mostly complete halloween build, wide demonstration of trees and a detailed statue, aswell as custom text that could be a utility when designing a spawn (most than welcome to help with that)
/warp deltemple- my most ambitious project, features a high class emperor tomb, and a large statue with accurate human anatomy
/warp delstatue- another organic statue which features a pose of a drawn back bow.

Most of the builds I desire to finish have always been incomplete because I havent had the proper tools to complete them.

Keep in mind, one statue alone takes me 4 weeks worth of building just on a singleplayer world. It is really difficult to make organic structures to especially with the limitation of minecraft blocks, but at this time I am prioritizing my statue building.