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Random Pokemon Tournament

Started by NotChocobo654321, Nov 02, 2019, 11:54 PM

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Hello there everyone, I have been busy the last few days hatching a lot of eggs that I have been breeding for something special.

I have created a special RANDOMIZED POKEMON TOURNAMENT! What makes it so special you might be asking? Well for starters its randomized, No one will know what they will be getting until the day of the tournament where I will distribute the Pokemon to everyone so that way I can make sure that no one tries to sneak in bred mons that are perfectly planned and have perfect ivs as well as egg moves.

The tournament will be hosted at /warp Battletower at the very top!
In order to claim said Pokemon, you will need to the following format
Box1 Space#30, Box2 Space#20, Box3 Space#4, Box4 Space#15, Box5 Space#23, Box6 Space#1

Now that's just an example of how you can claim your pokemon before the tournament begins. Those who don't get the mercy of a random dice generator so best pick before the due date.

The starting day of the tournament is 11/9/19 at 2:30PM EST those who aren't there who are entered will be sadly out of the running for the prize, people who are a few minutes late (Example 2:40PM EST) will be allowed in with an exemption of they have to do one more fight at the end in order to make up for the time.

I took the liberty and disabled leveling on all pokemon hatched so far and I also named a few of them with special effects (Not revealing what they are)

If you happen to pull a named pokemon than you will be allowed access too what that pokemon says
BE WARNED Some of the pokemon have a NEGATIVE thing. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

Signups for the tournament will end on 11/8/2019 at 5:00 PM EST any entries past that will be ignored
(This is so I can tell how many pokemon will be needed and do last minute changes if theres more)

Too signup do the following
Pokemon (See above) :
Tell me your favorite pokemon generation

(the last one is for funsies)

Now for the dull boring part. The rules

1. No Enabling levels during these fights, if anyone is caught with pokemon gaining levels the current fight will be stopped and the person who gained levels will be removed from the tournament.

2. You may bring one item too this fight (No zmoves,choice items, eviolite, leftovers, or healing)

3. You get stuck with a bad mon, deal with it. It's random for a reason. (For the final fight  you are allowed to swap one pokemon with the semi-finals person you defeated ex. Nubbun defeats me, they can decide which pokemon form the team I have to replace a member of their team)

4. If you get a pokemon that is special you can choose too use it or not (Note if you have discord and one of the pokemon you pick ahead of time

5. Last fight is a best of 3!

Now the good part, the reward
The reward is a special shulker box(sadly you can't take the shulker box otherwise I would give it) full of random goodies that I got for the winner.

Hope too see a lot of people join and as always if anyone has any questions than leave a comment or DM me @I_Can_Fly#6789


Extending till people join.

If no one joins than ill be sad