Get that 1.12.2 plane plugin back on the server somehow it was the best

Started by JustAddWater, Dec 03, 2019, 11:52 PM

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I think the plane plugin we had wasn't being updated anymore, so it was incompatible. There are other vehicle plugins out there, but i'm not sure if they would be compatible with the server now or if they're updated. That'd be something for the Admins/Devs/Tow to look into.

Also- I don't think it'd be 'allowed' on the premium shop as a permission as it would be 'providing an unfair advantage' allowing players to fly. So it'd have to be purchasable with the emp if at all.


We were using this
It was last updated in Jan 2018 so no longer compatible.

If you have any other vehicle plugin suggestions, please send them my way. I did find others but they were inferior in any way to this plugin.

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