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[1.7.10 Pack]Bounty System

Started by Tyler7733, Jan 01, 2020, 11:22 AM

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Jan 01, 2020, 11:22 AM Last Edit: Jan 02, 2020, 03:47 AM by Tyler7733
The time is finally here, the Bounty System is now up and running!
How it works:
  • Every person who has paid the 10k fee to join is a valid target for you to try to kill and be targeted by.
  • To view people participating, use this spreadsheet
  • Each person has a bounty on their head which is basically a prize for whoever kills them.
  • If you kill someone, the bounty on your head rises by 15%(subject to change in the future after the average bounty gets decently off the baseline)of the bounty of whoever you killed.
  • If you cheat by badly breaking the rules(as outlined below), you will be removed from the challenge.
  • If you have not broken any rules in the challenge, you may leave and return later for half the cost to join.
  • If you die to another player in the challenge, your bounty is reset to 200(which is also the starting bounty for everyone)
  • Any death(except by a non-participating player)while running from another player hunting you for your bounty who hit you within the last minute still counts
  • Each time you get a kill, you must write out the time of the kill in the chat and record the kill in thisthis Google Form.

Summary: If player a and b both started, they both have a bounty on their head of 200. If player a kills player b, player a gains 200 emp and the new bounty on player a's head is 230 while player b's is unchanged since it was already the default amoumt.

  • You must have PvP on at all times(unless you are helping someone at that moment with something)
  • No attacking people from within their base(because most claims have PvP disabled), but drawing people out from their base is fair game.
  • No purposely moving into claims to evade PvP
  • No long distance teleportation(meaning nothing that has the capability to move you more than ~50 blocks or cross dimensional in 1 teleport such as a telepad or teleport plate).
  • No fake asking for help just to get close to your target.
  • Do not engage in Pvp with someone who lost their bounty less than 10 minutes ago.
  • More soon to come

In order to join, use this form
You must accept the fundamental truth of reality, Lost = Life!!