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Started by omelott, Apr 01, 2020, 07:01 PM

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Hi guys.

It really pains me to inform you all that recently, a dear member of the community, garywb, passed away due to natural causes. Some of you already knew that he was a senior citizen, something which made his commitment to the community even more impressive.

Gary played on survival almost every day from 2013-2018. And not just a few minutes a day, a few hours. He racked up 11,000 hours in survival uptime, which makes him the player with the most uptime in the history of SFT (at least, since /pstats was introduced). He never forgot to vote, and did so nearly every day for 5 straight years. The fact that a senior citizen can do that but we can't says a lot about our own commitments and the potential for us to do better in them.

Gary operated gbstore, one of the most popular and longest running autoshops on the server. Gbstore was iconic; it was always built of dark oak planks and consisted of numerous aisles running horizontally. He employed players to help him collect resources, some of whom grew close to him. His employees were treated well: each was paid at least 250k/month and he would sometimes use his own money to purchase them fly perms. He enjoyed skyping with them whenever he could (though the calls would be frequently interrupted by his thirst for coffee). His store was always surrounded by a town, which was built by his employees. In total, there were 6 official incarnations of gbstore and 5 incarnations of the gbtown.

Gary spent most of his time online mining for gems to sell in his store. But after pyrofishing was introduced, he developed a knack for that. T4 built him a fishing shack, which he used to the fullest extent possible. Every night, he would be out fishing in the lake next to his house. Gary slowly climbed /money top thanks to the sales at his store. But it would be thanks to fishing and the help of some other SFT players which would allow him to eventually dethrone ctyfrmr from the #1 spot.

Gary left the server in 2019 after the reset, but he gave meaning to the rank "legend" and will be remembered as one for as long as SFT is still a thing. To remember him and his remarkable dedication to the server, I'm changing my chat badge to the yellow coffee cup- his badge. I encourage every other survival player with badge perms to do the same.

He chose to leave a lot of details about his life to himself and only those who knew him best, so out of respect for him and his family, I'm not sharing any information about his family and links to his obituary. Please send them your prayers and wishes, though, as they come to terms with his passing.


May he rest in peace :heart:

He was a very kind and welcoming player, but also human-being. He has inspired many of us and I hope in return, we can all do the same he did for SFT.


I didn't know him very well but he seemed like a funny and great guy. He will be sorely missed.

Rest in Peace <3


An absolute legend of SFT, may he never be forgotten.


Rest in peace. An undisputed legend of SFT, may his generosity and kindness never be forgotten.
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Rest in peace garywb, wish I got to meet you.


Legend, may he rest in peace.  Hope his family is ok during this time.
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Gary was badass, we will miss you Gary ❤️


Rest In Peace Gary ): :heart:


I remember so vividly shopping at Gary's store when I first joined SFT & only ever hearing nice things about him. His legacy on SFT will live on through the stories told by players, and the impact he made on the community. Love & light to his family, rest easy Gary.❤️ :redflower:


Moments like this make me wish we know for sure there is a good afterlife for those who brought cheer to other lives. Rest in peace you magnificent human being garywb, or do whatever you damn well please. You deserve it. This world is a poorer place without you.


When I joined in 2015, Gary was part of the reason I kept playing. He talked to me in pms for a while when I was  brand new and encouraged me to keep playing. Thank you so much Gary, you will never be forgotten.

I will also never forget the massive drop party and event party right before the reset. That is probably my most vivid memory of him and sft as a whole.

Rest in Peace.


Rest in peace, Gary. You'll truly be missed by the community.


Words aren't enough to describe my emotions..

Rest In Piece
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Rest In Peace. Gary was a great member of the community, and will be remembered as a legend.


:( RIP Gary - he was a constant of SFT.


May he rest in Peace, and I hope his moments of SFT have made his final moments happier :(

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I knew Gary fairly well back in 2015 and he's an amazing person. I barely shopped at any other auto shop than his, may he rest in piece, and never be forgotten.


I'm late to this news, having been away from the server for awhile, but this is devastating to read. Gary was a fixture of SFT for years and always fun to play and talk with. I'll remember him fondly, as I'm sure we all will.


Just read this now, always loved seeing and chatting to Gary when he was on. May he Rest In Peace ❤️
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Kind of late, but there is now a garywb memorial near mallusa at /warp gary for those who want to leave a sign message.