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Started by Delmaire, Apr 17, 2020, 06:27 PM

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To all fans of the Star Wars trilogy and concept, this is a faction for you!

Our faction will be modeled by the architectural feat of Naboo, the planet that was first mentioned in The Phantom Menace, and have a actual government system similar to it's cinematic counterpart.

We already have quite a few members who are in this faction as this post goes out, but if you want to join, here is a Q/A as to what is and isn't required based on basic guidelines

Q: Do I have to be in a certain timezone in order to join?
A: This is unnecessary, and in fact will serve better for us if people are online throughout the day/night cycle. Our membership thus far is balanced between the United States/Canada and the EU.

Q: How active must I be to maintain membership?
A: You will not be kicked for being offline for a period of time, but if you are offline for length of time that gives us the information that you may not be returning, only then will you be kicked. We do not stress this.

Q: Do I need a discord?
A: It is highly advised that you use discord to get a hold of all of the faction members and also stay up to date with news provided by SFT. This will be the fastest form of communication to other players.

Q: Do I need prior faction experience?
A: Not at all! Our faction will teach you how to be the best at what you want to achieve. We will teach you how the faction plugin works, how to protect yourself, and how to help us expand.

Q: Do I need to be an absolute legend at PvP to even be accepted?
A: No! You may be accepted instantly just by sharing an interest in the concept in our faction. However, people who are glorified as experienced in PvP may be granted a higher rank to meet their demands.

Q: Will I be punished if I die constantly?
A: This depends. If you are known to die over and over purposefully or without caring, this may be a rare instance in which you see yourself kicked. Dying reduces our POW, and hinders our ability to protect ourselves from aggressors, and puts everyone at risk.

Q: Will I be allowed to build?
A: This will be the one of the only rules that we will stress as concrete, as we plan to act as our own Theater State. People who wish to take part in builds must show their competence via screenshots.NOTE: People who prove themselves to be expert builders who compliment our style will be given the highest accessible role to members!

To summarize, all fresh meat can join us! However proving yourself as a trustworthy, dedicated individual will let you move up the ranks with ease.

Please list the following when putting your name on this post for recruitment!
- Minecraft Username
- (Optional) Knowledge of the Concept "Naboo" (This will not hurt your chances. However modivated builders should take part in this)
- Realistic PvP skills, from 1-5
- Discord friend code (ex: Towelie#0420)
- Your availability to play on SFT.
- (Optional) Previous SFT servers played on and playtime on that server(s)

Good luck!


Love your concept


Ok I love this
I enjoy the act of xD-ing, like if you agree


- Minecraft Username: Auzorux
- Realistic PvP skills, from 1-5: 4
- Discord friend code: Auzorux#3256
- Your availability to play on SFT: pretty much all day after online school of course (EST)
- (Optional) Previous SFT servers played on and playtime on that server(s): 415h Total UpTime, mostly survival.


Oh damn this is good :D

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IGN: SavageCoopDoge
Pvp Skills From 1-5: 3
Discord: SavageCoopDoge#8062
Availability: Every Day Maximum
Survivals and Pixelmon hours played: 160 together


-IGN: TheAwesomeBacca
-Pvp skills from 1-5: 2, kinda rusty but a 3-4 on a good day
-Discord friend code: TheAwesomeBacca#4151
-Availability: any time im not sleeping really, i dont got much else to do bc of quarantine

side note: My name is after chewbacca, this is a perfect fit for me xD


-PvP skills: 0 , absolute garbage
-Discord friend code: U already have it
-Availability: Anytime u want really unless im sleeping
-I have like 1k+ total hours i think