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[Modded] New Server - Enigmatica 2 (Twitch launcher)

Started by blalp, May 29, 2020, 11:05 AM

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There is a ton of new content coming to modded! Starting with the release of Enigmatic 2. If you are someone who never got into modded because of the learning curve, this pack walks you through it! Even if you are returning modded veteran, this pack will force you to take a different approach to modded, and may spice up your experience. Stay tuned! More details will be added soon.

Countdown here

Features include
- bungee (woo!)
- a lobby you join to (no more disconnecting for a restart)
- minigames to play in the lobby to pass time
- global messaging and parties (message and talk with your part no matter which server they are on!)
- release of our first rotation pack, Enigmatica 2 mode (on twitch launcher or multimc)
- a link to pix to bring the modded community together!
- our own eventworld with a TON of games to play (thanks tow and sasha for allowing us to use one of yours)

P.S. Sorry about the late announcement, but we have just been so busy working on the server, we totally forgot to announce in detail ahead of time. If you want to stay in the loop about what is coming to modded, get the Modded Player rank and talk in #modded-feedback on our discord

Installation instructions
Have a fantastic day!


I guess you could say its... enigmatic... lol


Hey! Sorry but you don't have permission to view that!