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How to download MC Eternal

Started by blalp, May 30, 2020, 08:29 AM

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    CurseForge (Windows or Mac)
    • Download the Curse Forge launcher with overwolf here or by clicking the button shown when navigating to the mods tab on the twitch launcher
    • In the "Choose a game" section install minecraft(Although if you used the twitch launcher things should still be set up for you)
    • Make sure you dedicate at least 6GB of ram
    • Install MC Eternal Version 1.5'
    • Play!
    • IP is

    MultiMC (Windows, Mac or Linux)
    • Download MultiMC here
    • Launch MultiMC
    • Click on Profiles (upper right)
    • Add a new profile
    • Enter your username and password
    • Click Add instance
    • Go to the import from zip tab
    • For MC Eternal download this zip
    • Go back to MultiMC and browse to where you saved the zip
    • Click OK and wait for it to finish installing
    • Open settings -> Java Settings -> ram -> Then increase the max memory to 6500 or higher. Then Hit Close
    • Start the instance!
    • IP is
    • link to optifine can be found here

    Problems? Ask in #modded-feedback on our discord[/list]
    Have a fantastic day!


    How to Add RAM and access the mod files below:

    How to Add RAM:
    1. Go onto the twitch launcher
    2. Go here in the top left hand corner:

    3. Click Minecraft and scroll down to "Java Settings" and "Allocated Memory". As seen here:

    4. No more then 8gb is required. Try not to add more then half your total RAM.

    How to Access the Mod Files:
    1. Go to Enigmatica 2 on the Twitch launcher (after you have downloaded it)
    2. Go to the cog on the left and then to "Open Folder":

    3. Go to the file named "mods" to add/remove/view the mod folders.

    If you wish to download Optifine you will need the 1.12.2 version and then to paste it in the mods folder which you have just been directed to.
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    How to add more ram to the Curse Forge launcher!
    • Open the curse forge launcher
    • Navigate to the settings tab
    • Under game specific select Minecraft
    • Scroll down to java settings and move the slider to allocate at least 8gb, 8000mb, of ram

    How to access game files!
    • Navigate to the pack you wish to access the files of
    • Click on the 3 vertical dots
    • Then click the open file location
    • Go to the file named "mods" to add/remove/view the mod folders
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