Oct 27, 2020, 08:41 AM


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[Pixelmon] Update discussion

Started by blalp, Jun 19, 2020, 10:59 AM

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With the upcoming pixelmon update (front page announcement after this discussion) we have a couple options for what to do.
What we are doing:
  • New simple spawn that lets new players know of the gyms
  • Gym touchups
  • Gen 8 Pokemon
  • Added backpacks!
  • Update to pixelmon generations 8.0.0
  • More integration with the rest of modded, such as cross-server events!
Whether or not to reset for this update is still to be decided, and we want YOUR input.
No Reset
Inventory, base and pokemon stay as is.
  • New players dont lose anything!
  • Returning players have little to do
  • Not taking full advantage of update (as a couple legandaries had spawn mechanic changes)
Addition of a hard mode (similar to nuzlocke)
Inventory, base and pokemon stay as is, but you can switch to hard mode whenever you want, and that swaps to your hard set of pokemon. In hard mode things would be harder such as having quests for legandaries, limited pc/healer use, dynamic leveling, ect. Completing all of the gyms in hard mode would give some sort of prize.
  • Players don't lose anything!
  • Those who do want to reset are on at the same level as everyone else in hard mode.
  • Can take full advantage of update in hard mode
  • Some people may not like the additional challenge
Optional Reset
Optional base reset, optional inventory reset, optional pokemon reset, optional pokdex reset.
  • Would give people who want to reset more to do
  • Players who do choose to reset would be behind those who decided not to reset
  • Throws entire economy for a loop 'cause old legends that have new spawn mechanics will still be in rotation
  • Not taking full advantage of update (as a couple legandaries had spawn mechanic changes)
Full reset
World, inventories, pokemon all reset
  • Would give people more to do
  • Would allow everyone to start at the same point
  • Those who have been playing recently lose everything
  • Just feels bad to lose everything
  • Old players lose their bases (some will not be happy about this)

So, what are your thoughts? Post below with which you would like to see and why.
Have a fantastic day!



The hard mode & optional reset sounds good to me, I think its a bit too early for a full reset and it'd be unfair on the newer players


Hard mode sounds fun, not sure how the limited pc would work since In normal games you can do that whenever.

I'm still torn between a full an optional reset though
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Optional reset and hard mode. I think there are a few things to iron out in hard mode but overall it will be a fun new challenge to the game!
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I think optional reset and hard mode would be best. It would allow more players to choose what they want to do and how they want to play. It also seems like there would be less cons this way.


I say optional reset and give hard mode a try. I went with optional cause im thinking on long term server playability yet with the old players they might feel left out if they went with reset and saw others who had stuff still. At least it gives old players still stuff to do in a way.


Did a full reset, didn't have time to implement a hard mode.
Have a fantastic day!