Jul 13, 2020, 11:49 AM


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[Future] Suggest Event Servers!

Started by blalp, Jun 26, 2020, 06:37 AM

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This is still a ways out, but feel free to suggest/discuss event servers here!

What we are looking for: A pack we can have for a weekend to a month. Different than traditional/longstanding servers in at least one significant way.

Confirmed we will have these:
Modded UHC
A very hard pack. Not sure which one yet.


Lost Islands
Throwback skyblock 1.7
Throwback overworld 1.6
Enigmatica 2 Expert
As the HARD pack
Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons
adventuring pack. DRAGONS
FTB Regrowth
"So basically, in this modpack, you start out in a fresh new world, where the whole world is a like a baron planet, where dirt is somewhat rare (You have to go mining to find your first set of dirt) and this modpack has a questbook to guide you through the modpack too if you dont know what to do. You start from the absolute beginning, where your main focus is trying to get ores, which can be made through botania, botania is a very important mod to progress in this modpack. It includes special types of farming etc. This modpack basically goes through magical and rustic kinds of mods, you could say its kind of like real life where you get to explore different things, because you can see whats in the ocean, but you have to have proper equipment otherwise your air bubbles go down super fast. There are some broken down structures, and treasure maps you can get to find different things. I havent gotten super far, but I got most of the general things like second to highest tier crop farms, and what I can say from this is that it can be very grind-like. You can build things to make the crops grow faster and all, heck you could work on other things while your farm grows and stuff like that, Its a really fun modpack, can be addictive to people, but some people may not feel the same, I just like how its primary focus is, you must build defense first and then start doing things"

Technical garbage:
Any 1.6.X server will be IP whitelisted. Any 1.7.X server will not be added to the bungee. Any 1.8+ server can be added to the bungee. Easier versions: 1.6.4 (B-Team forge version), 1.7.10 (Lost Island forge version), 1.8.8 (Vanilla), 1.12.2 (Enigmatica 2 forge version)
Have a fantastic day!