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Started by AutoHandler, Jun 29, 2020, 10:22 PM

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In-game Nickname: Krtizkrieg

   Forum username: Solgrynn

   Why were you banned ?:
   From prison for alleged hacks

   Why should you be unbanned ?
   I was not hacking and was falsely banned.

I clearly do not have any hacked clients in the proof I've shown above. From googling images hacked clients will have an options bar in the esc menu, which I am shown not to have at all. The last two videos were taken at around 10:15pm PST and uploaded to youtube at around 10:23pm PST. I would not have been able to switch clients as Noobtube and antidotelul claim is possible.

The FPS counter I have on my view is from Optifine, a video performance enhancing mod that provides no in-game advantages.

I was being called out for alleged hacks from people who I never even fought in-game like XSassyX (who was calling me out from discord, which makes no sense).

I quite literally thought everybody was joking and that they were pulling my leg. It got annoying quick and didn't realize they were actually being serious until I was notified of a report against me.

   Extra Information:
   Frankly I'm disappointed. I just came back to prison after an actual rightful ban that I acknowledged and now I'm banned falsely because several people are still mad about what I did, even though I took a punishment for it. The entire chat after my return was still bringing up my rightful ban and constantly pestering me about it. I'm not surprised if this false ban was their attempt to just get rid of me.


Are you banned? Click here to request an unban.


Hey Krtizkrieg,

You were banned by BluetigerESW. I'll let him know you've made this request.


Bumping because it's been 2 days.


Hi Krtizkrieg,

Sorry for the long reply and in BluetigerESW's absence I'll be taking over your unban.

Now in the space of the first week of prison being released this is the second time you've been banned,however I'm willing to unban you if you agree to the following

  • Remove any and all hacked clients/mods from your Minecraft files
  • Agree not to use any kind of mod/client again
  • Acknowledge that if you are caught breaking any other rules there will be no unban
  • give me a  :slimeball: in your reply to show you agree to these terms


No because I didn't hack and I never will because hackers are pathetic. Am I not allowed to just be good at the game? I've been playing on PvP servers for years now and not once have I been unfairly banned like I was here.

It's ridiculous. I provided a ton of evidence that I wasn't hacking (including a video taken from when the accusations were taking place) but I get witch hunted into being banned just because I pissed off the wrong group of people. Even people that I never even encountered were accusing me of hacking just because that buddy group kept on perpetuating the lie.

What a joke.


Hey Krtiz

Sorry you feel that way. If you were not hacking then it should be an easy yes to say that you will remove all hacked clients (ezpz if none are installed). Agree to not used hacked clients (again ezpz if there are none installed). Acknowledged that you will not break the rules (ezpz, self explanatory).  :slimeball: is so we know you read the terms.

Nothing in the terms is asking you to admit fault. This is just a standard process that we have to make sure everyone is on the same terms.If you still don't want to agree to this then I'm afraid you will remained banned and won't be able to apply for a new one for 2 weeks


 :slimeball: I agree to remove all hacked clients, agree to not use any, and agree to not break the rules.

Thank you for the response.


Unbanned! locking post