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SFTModded Changes

Started by xQuicScopex, Jul 31, 2020, 12:41 PM

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With the leap we took from 1.7.10 to 1.12 we just were not satisfied so we have decided to keep the servers rolling! I would like to introduce the newest SFT server for modded, Stoneblock 2! Stoneblock 2 is a kitchen-sink-like modpack with quests to help guide you in the start and to give you some goals to reach. It is a new take on skyblock in that you survive in a cave! The current plan is to launch this Saturday at 12 pm EST (4 pm UTC). At that time as well we must sadly say goodbye to the 1710 pack as well as enigmatica 2 in order to make room for this as well as future plans we have. I am planning to run some events later today as well as before release tomorrow for prizes on this server or for a voucher that can be used for upcoming servers, these servers both however at the moment have been reconfigured to allow ALL banned items again as well as griefing for the moment just so you can have some firework like fun in the last days. A world download for both will be available sometime next week once i find somewhere i can host the downloads.

The current plan we have with SFT Modded is to create a network for any modded mc player to have something to do and enjoy as well as guide newer players to modded through the beginning and learning stages of modded so they can enjoy it as much as all of the veteran players currently do. We will attempt to have something for every type of modded player to enjoy (the explorer, the survivor, the scientist, the islander, the overworlder, the simple, the complex). We hope you come by and visit for a while!

We are also in the process of updating and revamping the Pixelmon server and modpack as well. If you have not seen or heard yet, the core pixelmon mod has received an update and now includes every generation of pokemon so there is even more to do and grind for! This pack is still in development but we are quickly making great strides to having a server that can be enjoyed by you all! Tell your friends, tell your family, tell everyone you know about what we are striving for, inclusion in everything that we create!

- :heart: The Modded and Pix Staff Teams

p.s. this has taken a LOT of work from multiple people so let me mention them here

DDay - Pixelmon revamp/balancing/building
AtomicPulse - Permissions/bad item testing on Stoneblock 2
Live2Ride - beta tester for sb2
NotChocobo - beta tester for MCEternal
Ceddy - dealing with me/backend configurations for all servers
Blalp - keeping my head level, pushing me to be better, being a good friend, and just knowing everything with mc backend in general
Tow - Allowing us to release the vision that we had months ago
SFT Modded and Pix staff - everything that was asked, they did it without complaint (you go guys!)


Can confrim that sb2 and MCEternal are going to be a hell of a lot fun so look forward to both when they come out people!