Nov 24, 2020, 01:33 AM


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Olympic results

Started by Wppvater, Nov 02, 2020, 02:28 PM

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Hello everyone!

Sorry about the delay, the BuildComp was really close and Saint and I had a really hard time deciding on the winner. We've finally done so, and would like to present the final scores:

Winners are The Big Chunkies with 72 points!
Runner up is Green with 55 points.
Third place is Wasted Seconds... with 46 points.

4th: Choose a name please #2 with 43p
5th: Army of One with 20p (and a 1st place in an event)
6th: Big daddy & The sugar babies with 20p
7th: The Demon Dogs with 10p
8th: Choose a name please with 6p

Well done to everyone who participated, we hope you enjoyed it :)

The winners and runner up may contact me or Saint in-game to receive their heads and custom item :).
All emp prizes have been paid out.


Congrats to all Olympics players! Hope we all had a fun time  :heart:  :heart: !
Orions belt is a huge... waist of space.


Wasted Seconds... hahaha!