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Started by AutoHandler, Feb 23, 2021, 04:41 PM

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In-game Nickname: noobtube59

   Forum username: noobtube59

   Why were you banned ?:
   the reason given is autofishing mod/toxicity.

   Why should you be unbanned ?
   Ill split my reasoning for wanting to be unbanned into two parts since there are 2 reasons:

Autofishing mod, are you actually serious right now? how far are we going to stretch to get me banned? I have never, and dont really ever plan on downloading a single minecraft mod, havent ever downloaded even the most common of things like optifine. Just because im fishing like a normal human being does not mean im autofishing. "oh but you caught every fish that came to you", no I didnt, there were multiple times I would cast out my rod and then go on my phone and not give a shit about the fish. I even moved around whenever the stupid little overfishing messages show up. I was not autofishing but good try.

Toxicity, I will be the first one to admit I do believe I am toxic, but whoever reads this lets be honest with ourselves, we are all toxic in some way. If you dont believe that, thats probably your toxic trait. anyway, after the public scolding I received for saying mean things to my friend who wasnt even offended in any way, I dont believe I have been toxic unless it was instigated first (IE: being called monkeys for absolutely no reason, getting accused of autofishing when im fishing like normal, etc) I dont believe I even need to say anything else here because I genuinely dont believe I was toxic yesterday, if I was, I dont believe I was toxic enough to be banned.

   Extra Information:
   I just want to make this clear as well, having a group of friends does not make them a "gang". If any of the actions of others came into play for my ban I do believe that is extremely unfair because I do not take responsibility for my friends nor can I control what they do. Do NOT attach my name to shit they do, only shit I do.
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Alright @noobtube59 fair enough.
- Autofishing mod - there is no proof there, just some allegations so I'll strike that
- Toxicity is a very real ban reason and it's usually a global ban. However, I'd say what you do is more in-line of you are instigating and flame baiting but not a major part of the drama.

Allow me to revoke your ban and apologize, clearly an overreaction on my part, however please be careful with the toxicity/flame baiting. Yes, we are all slightly toxic, but when people are so toxic they cause us to lose players, it becomes a problem that needs to be sorted ASAP rather than just tolerated.

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