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New server: SFT Hardcore

Started by Towelie, May 03, 2021, 02:56 PM

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There is a new minecraft server on the network: /hardcore
This started as a challenge, for myself, to see if I can launch a new server in a day, and I am happy to say I did it in half a day!

- Hard difficulty with more mobs than Survival
- PvP is always on
- You cannot protect your house, only lock your chest/door with LWC so expect to be raided/griefed
- There is no economy, no advanced plugins like Slimefun, etc
- The nether and end are present, but with no shortcuts so you must actually build portals to get there
- Health regeneration is disabled, meaning the only way you can heal is by crafting golden apples
- Limited crafting is enabled, meaning you can only craft what you have discovered
- The world border is almost twice as big as Survival's, but there are no backups meaning in case of a world corruption we start over (to be fair that doesn't happen that often...)
- Raiding/griefing is allowed, but if it turns out all a player does is grief other's builds, they will be punished
- Mechanics are close to vanilla, villager trading is enabled, as well as wandering trader trading (seing as we don't have an economy to care about on hardcore, we can do that)
- Spawn killing is not allowed

I would call this a UHC server that's actually fun to play long term. Why? Because you don't get banned after you die, but the game is going to be punishing and hard to progress with difficulty being bumped, number of mobs increased, and other players being able to kill you at any moment.
This is the perfect server for someone who plays Minecraft and thinks "meh".
NOTE: As this is part of the network, we will enforce chat rules as per usually, but otherwise server rules are more relaxed.

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Removed my previous post as I answered my own questions. Here's a couple of my thoughts after playing for a while.

Are you planning on maintaining and updating this server? If so, here's what I think could make it more challenging (because honestly, it's still kinda easy since we can continually respawn after death).

 :goldenapple: Make it impossible to craft armor. Only way to get armor is to get it from mobs/chests/nether/end/etc...
 :goldenapple: Make it impossible to craft golden apples.
 :goldenapple: Maybe make it impossible to enchant or brew? Not decided on this one yet, mainly because I haven't made it that far.

 :apple: You can add a couple of commands, mainly /who. Not sure if /pstats works either.

I like the scoreboard on the righthand side on deaths. Maybe we could do something more with that in the future? Like switch it out to count different things, like person who has lived the longest since last death? Most times killed by certain mob? etc...


Any idea how long this'll be around for?