Inactive for a bit

Started by Groot_69, May 31, 2021, 02:38 PM

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Hey everyone I just wanted to let yall know I will be inactive for a little bit. I am taking a break from MC and the new promotion at work is slaving me to death! I will pop on from time to time but for now I will mostly be inactive! Please don't delete any of my builds or bcv anything of mine! Thanks!


Alright, i'll make sure to hold you to that promise (popping on from time tot ime).
Please make sure you also tell staff to mark your buildings as safe from BCV.

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I'm still a little inactive. I will return soon! Please do not BCV any of my things!  :-\


I am still alive and I try to pop on as much as possible just busy with a few other things! I didn't forget you guys!