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Started by AtomicPulse, Jun 09, 2021, 07:46 PM

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Hey y'all,

This Friday at 8pm BST / 3pm EST, myself and Britney1177 will be hosting a Build Comp with the twist of building on our creative server! This gives you full access to a wide range of blocks and WorldEdit when creating your build.

You will be given 90 minutes to produce your build based on a theme which will be revealed when the event starts. The prizes are as follows;
1st Place -> 750k
2nd Place -> 500k
3rd Place -> 250k
You can work with up to 3 people, bearing in mind the prize will be split if you're working in a team.

Hope to see lots of people there!
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Jun 11, 2021, 07:16 PM #1 Last Edit: Jun 11, 2021, 07:25 PM by Britney1177
The weekend event has been extended to be a period of 24 hours from the starting time! This gives everyone a chance to build who could not make it at this time.

The theme is: Summer

If you would like to submit a build that you made on creative for this event, please make a warp to it and post the warp as a reply here!

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Jun 12, 2021, 04:04 AM #2 Last Edit: Jun 12, 2021, 03:57 PM by simp_chef
my thingy is /warp buildcontestsimp


Jun 12, 2021, 05:48 AM #3 Last Edit: Jun 12, 2021, 08:41 PM by llama12
Me and Oawesome1222 are in a team together and the warp is /warp Summer. Our build is a summer camp!


Addy and I built something incredible at /warp SFTCarnival. However I can't say it was just us, Maya546 also made many contributions and our build has become so expansive that over the 15 hours or so it's been worked on many people including (but not limited to) Moose, Doge, Artisst, Noah, and Drako supplied help as well. We're aware of the limit but we thought it was so charming and awesome we had a long buildparty and killed survival to get everyone to join creative we might as well boast about it (and thank everyone who took part in building it).

We hope we get #1, but we want to make aure anyone who checks it out also tries out the many functional minigames, shops and more. It also has room to expand and we hope we keep getting more excitement for it and people want to keep expanding it. PM me if you'd like to be trusted and help build new games and attractions at /warp SFTCarnival!


I'm in too! the warp is /plotmorty


I'll try my hand at a summer themed build.  The warp is /warp sandcastle.  Hope you like it!


/warp summerbuild

You are just judging the tree build... the rest of the plot is empty... also only spent about 90 minutes on creative.


Couple minutes late but warp is SummerPicnic



i personally made this a nightmare <3 /warp plotval
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Entries are now closed! We will get back to you with the results in a couple days, thanks for all the entries :)
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The Winners:

1st Place -> /warp SFTCarnival

2nd Place -> /warp summer

3rd Place -> /warp sandcastle

I will pay 2nd and 3rd place but can 1st please tell me how they'd like the prize split.

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