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Started by AutoHandler, Jul 04, 2021, 01:58 AM

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Jul 04, 2021, 01:58 AM Last Edit: Jul 04, 2021, 02:02 AM by Dogggeh
In-game Nickname: VelysiumMC

   Forum username: §

   Why were you banned ?:
   So, I was playing and I was using the maptool command to make maps, it's normally a good command that's on thousands of servers, it lets you make imgur links images on maps, so [redacted] makes 4 maps of that image, makes mapart but quick asf, but someone didn't know  about it and said it was a dupe then removed every map i made with the jmod venus and removed the guest access to the command, then banned me for dupping, its not a dupe though, players are limited by default on how many maps they can make and I only used the plugin to import wallpapers, floors, and memes..

   Why should you be unbanned ?
   Maptool wasn't and isn't a dupe, it's a plugin that's on 1000's of servers. I understand that if was suppose to be admin only but Its a common plugin, I honestly think there was a misunderstanding cause the command was reclassified as I was using it to show others what it could do

   Extra Information:
   I was told by dogggg to go here he helped me find this link, thank you doggg.
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Heya Vel,

Although I was not the person who confiscated your items, I will be handling this unban. I am not home and I am currently away on vacation, so please give me up to 48 hours to look into all of this for you.


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I was made aware that you have ban evaded on an account named "Nick12506" which is against the rules. Seeing that the Nick account made regular maps of the server, I can tell you wanted to test whether or not maps were re-enabled.

Maptool was not supposed to be enabled for image maps such as the ones you made, as that is a recently new premium shop item. It was an error that everyone had access to it. It can be understood that you may have not known this. In addition to the image maps, you also had a suspicious amount of uncommon items, such as 18+ of the same Steve Co crate amongst other things. If you could explain to me how they were obtained (of which in a legal way that could be backed by logs and can be proven) then your sentence may become lighter. You mentioned you have owned servers yourself, so I know you can understand due to the circumstances and following protocol, a ban was to be warranted at that time.

I am offering two possibilities/pathways for you:

1. If you did obtain the large amount of items legitimately, please specify how and when so it can be looked into. As this will become an investigation, it will take longer for an unban to occur as we are very thorough and make sure things are handled correctly. Please note that if we do look into this, and it turns out the items were not obtained in the way you claim then the terms for unban will become more severe.

2. If you would like to be unbanned without an investigation and no questions asked, you need to agree to the following:
            :potato: Serve 4 hours of the Untrusted rank (you will have limited commands, after you serve the time you will then be set back to your regular rank).
            :potato: Have any image maps removed from both your account's protections/builds.
            :potato: Agree that if you catch any potential exploits in the future, that you will report them.
            :potato: Read this: as well as the rule book in-game once you're unbanned, so you know what is expected from a player in our community.
            :potato: Tell me what you enjoy about farming the most!

You have 48 hours to reply or this will be locked and you will have to submit a new request in order to be unbanned.

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Jul 04, 2021, 09:47 PM #3 Last Edit: Jul 04, 2021, 09:51 PM by §
I'll pick the 2nd option, though your reply does show you don't understand how maptool works, I tried to quote the command but it censors, so if you use "maptool new link" then it'll generate a map, without the need of other maps.. The map of the overworld in my base was mostly just to remind me of the maps lol, maps imho are a very underused tool, you can make HD rooms in minecraft using it, technically you can make one yourself in vanilla but it takes ages to make it look good. Now I got most of my stuff from events, on both accounts.

Though, I'll still pick option 2, seems like a lesser of the 2 evils, the maps I got via maptool were removed the day I made them, the chat log will show me complaining to the jmod about it when it happened since it was restricted as I was making maps.. The town map was made via maps bought at the /warp mallusa.

Glad you remembered the farming, it's soo cool to be able to get stuff for free ngl, a little bit of digging gets you so much stuff, you get fruits, veggies, nuts, shrooms, and even decoration gourds. Like I have 2 sinks full of squash, I've given hundreds of squash away and I still have to much food, now we're just starting to get tomato's, peppers, and okra, in this area we'll be getting squash for another week until the vine bores kill the squash but with all the free food I get it's great and rewarding.

Would I be able to get both accounts back btw? I have 2 computers at my house


Quote from: § on Jul 04, 2021, 09:47 PMWould I be able to get both accounts back btw? I have 2 computers at my house




Both accounts have been unbanned and your main account has been set to untrusted. You can ask to be set back to your normal rank on your main account once you hit 6h 15min of total uptime on /pstats.

Welcome back!

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