[Survival] Steve Co Museum Re-opening!

Started by samanthasnee, Jul 07, 2021, 03:42 AM

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Hello everyone, with the new World 3 comes a revamped Steve Co. Museum! Have you ever wanted to complete a Steve Co. collection? well, it is now easier than ever!

The gift shop is where you are able to buy all normal Steve Co. Crates, and is located on the main floor of the museum. If you want to see all of the items within each crate, head on down to the basement where all items inside of both normal and rare Crates are displayed!

Please keep in mind that all Rare Steve Co. Crates are available for purchase on our premium shop, and keys can mainly be obtained through voting!

If there are any issues with the museum, please contact MasterX70 or Myself with any concerns!

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