[Poll] Should we do an early wipe for the Rust server?

Started by BluetigerESW, Jul 30, 2021, 09:28 PM

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Should we reset the Rust server early at the 2 weeks mark (4 days from now) or continue with a monthly wipe cycle?

Reset early at 2 weeks (4 days from now) with new changes implemented
5 (100%)
Continue as is (month cycle) but remove 2x rates and nerf economy/kits/cases/guarded crates
0 (0%)

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Voting closed: Aug 01, 2021, 09:34 PM


So Rally and I have been talking and we're pretty sure from next wipe onward we're going to switch to a 2 week wipe cycle for the Rust server (still alternating blueprints only being reset every other wipe).  We've come to this conclusion because we think in the servers current state with 2x rates and kits/cases/guarded crates it's you can get to endgame far too quickly for a monthly cycle to retain everyone's interest.  It's either we change to the 2 week cycle or 2x rate needs to be removed and kit/cases/guarded crates will need to be nerfed (which I think would remove a lot of the fun in them).

Anyways, we were wondering considering we're at the 10 day mark now if you all would be ok with/want to switch to this new 2 week cycle early (once we hit the 2 week mark in 4 days), which would give you time to use what you've got to raid people for the next 4 days and then we can reset and implement our new changes.  Alternatively the nerfs mentioned above would likely have to be placed into effect, although this is the less optimal option as we cannot limit what everyone already has up to this point.

Let me know your thoughts and feelings on this and vote in the poll on which you'd prefer.  Also please don't vote if you either don't play on or intend to play on the Rust server! :)
I enjoy the act of xD-ing, like if you agree


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I enjoy the act of xD-ing, like if you agree