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Stardew Valley

Started by Beanz__, Oct 30, 2021, 10:27 PM

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Hey guys i play Stardew Valley on PS4. if anyone plays stardew valley on playstation 4 or has a playstation 4 and has been thinking about getting stardew valley then feel free to hit me up either in this thread or on the servers Discord Beanz_ an let me know your psn so that i can add you an then i can start a multiplayer world with the multiplayer based map. i have a specific idea of what i want to do with the multiplayer version of stardew valley as well and that goes as such.

as you can only have 4 people on at a time so it'd be perfect if we had a lot of people sign up for the following roles

 :diamondhoe:  farmer
 :diamondpickaxe: miner
 :egg: animal farmer
 :fishingrod:  fisher

now if we had 4 people online at a time there'd have to be 1 farmer, 1 miner, 1 animal farmer (someone who makes sure the animals are looked after an are fed an clicked so a heart shows and collect their produce such as milks, eggs feather)  and also a fisher so that as a community we could complete the community centre in game but also have a laugh while doing our own things and then also ask each other for help if the others have completed their own tasks.

if you are interested and you have it or are getting it on ps4, put the role that you think you suit best. for an example i'm best as  :egg: and  :diamondpickaxe: i can do farming but that personally doesnt interest me other than coffee farming