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Have a Super Fun Time!


Started by AutoHandler, Jan 06, 2022, 03:16 AM

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In-game Nickname: S0rry6

   Forum username: sorry6

   Why were you banned ?:

   Why should you be unbanned ?
   I won't continue too use it and will continue to have fun and be part of the server again.

   Extra Information:
   don't ruin the fishingvillage
Are you banned? Click here to request an unban.


Hey s0rry6! Thanks for the quick reply!

As you're aware, you were banned for x-raying. It's detailed in our rules that x-ray clients are a banworthy offense.

You did admit to x-raying in our conversation, and I don't believe you had any malicious intent in x-raying in the first place. I really appreciate that!

I will be happy to unban you, provided you agree to the following terms:
 :book: Promise to remove any x-ray clients or resource packs
 :book: Have all iron+ items removed from your chests and enderchests
 :book: Reply with your favorite song artist (or any album) so I know you've read all of these terms.
 :book: Have your EMPbucks set to 0
 :book: Serve 3 hours untrusted time (meaning that you will have limited commands)

If you agree to these terms, leave us a reply saying so. We'll give you one week to reply to this post before it's locked, and you will have to submit another request.

Thank you for your time, friend! ^^
hi, i'm val
survival admin / HoS
yes i was SkyCatcher2461, no i don't suck anymore


imagine dragons and i agree sorry for everything .


Thank you so much s0rry! An Admin will process your unban; we'll get that going as soon as possible! Please be patient as it may take a few days, our Admin team is pretty busy ^^

Oh, and you have excellent music taste. Smoke + Mirrors is my favorite album (: !

I'm looking forward to having you back, see you soon! ;D
hi, i'm val
survival admin / HoS
yes i was SkyCatcher2461, no i don't suck anymore


Smoke + mirrors is awesome my favorite song they have is wrecked, is there no way to get unbanned sooner or i will have too wait a few days?


Hey sorry,

Apologies for the misconception but after some investigation by the staff team into your history we have decided the terms previously set are definitely not fitting.

Here is a full list of your bans
Scamming players and making death traps
Griefing & Stealing
cheating in event
Please don't cheat in events
Griefing, lying to and evading staff.
Cheating, disobeying, and lying to staff
Breaking all rules possible
X-Raying as untrusted, breaking many rules in past. No unban.

Whilst this extensive list was some time ago, you have since been warned for Griefing, Insulting players & now a 4th x-ray ban since the release of survival3 suggesting that you haven't learnt from your previous bans at all.

Based on this evidence, you will not be unbanned at this time.

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