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[New Survival Rule] Cover your hoppers!

Started by Trojan, Jan 20, 2022, 09:33 AM

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Hello Survival Players,

The manager/admin team has decided in order to address potential lag on survival, there will be a new rule regarding hopper usage:

Where hoppers are used for transport of items between places and into containers such as chests and furnaces, they MUST covered with chests
. Why? Because covering a hopper actually improves the performance of hoppers in Minecraft.

Currently, hopper usage is potentially causing unwanted lag that will become a bigger issue as more hoppers are placed. So we're using this rule as an easy way to help mitigate lag from hoppers. If you're not familiar with the rules, you're allowed up to 100 hoppers in one area-that rule has not changed. But if you are found with uncovered hoppers that belong to you, you'll now be asked by survival staff to cover them with chests.

If this issue isn't addressed adequately, there may unfortunately need to be further action taken by nerfing hoppers so they'll generate less lag (which will make them worse)-so please, cover your hoppers!

Thank you for your time and your effort towards making survival more enjoyable.  :)
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