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Started by AutoHandler, Jan 27, 2022, 08:48 PM

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In-game Nickname: Legolas007459

   Forum username: Legolas007459

   Why were you banned ?:

   Why should you be unbanned ?
   I am so incredibly sorry for all that I have done.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my time playing on the SuperFunTime server and frankly, I have never experienced anything like it.  The friends that I have made while playing will surely last for a long time, and the welcoming nature of the server is unmatched.  Unfortunately, I was peer pressured into trying out an x-ray, and I am so incredibly sorry for it.  I Never again will I make the mistake of damaging the trust between myself and the friendly members of this server.  Throughout my whole life, I have struggled with OCD, and Minecraft has been one of the few tools that effectively ease the tensions of it.  My past few weeks on the server have been something that has brought me nothing but sheer joy, and I hope that you will reconsider me to once again receive the warm welcome as I have before.


   Extra Information:
   I have spent hours already on this server, and I even used my money to purchase a shop that I plan on further expanding.  Surely those who I have heavily interacted with while on the server will advocate the comradery and loyalty that I have provided them with.  

Once again thanks,
Your friend Lego
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Hey Legolas,

Xraying is something that isn't tolerated in our community which Is why you were banned. Although I'd like to thank you for your honesty and will happily unban you provided you agree to my terms:

 :goldenapple: Have your emp set to 0

 :goldenapple: Promise never to use any modifications again

 :goldenapple: Include your favourite animal so i know you have read this

 :goldenapple: Have your iron+ items removed

 :goldenapple: Serve 3hours of untrusted time (limited permissions)

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