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[RULES] Guidelines for SFT Survival

Started by TheStarNomad✯, Jan 29, 2022, 02:57 PM

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Jan 29, 2022, 02:57 PM Last Edit: Nov 30, 2023, 11:58 AM by Maya546
Welcome to SFT! As one of the biggest and best servers in all of minecraft (we like to think THE best!), we want to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to have a SuperFunTime on our server. In order to make sure we can offer this outstanding service to everyone free-of-charge, we have a few ground-rules to help keep things from getting out of hand.

Don't have time to read all of these? Don't worry, it all basically amounts to this one phrase: be courtesy to others, respectful to staff, and don't do things to the server that you wouldn't like done to you. If you need or want more specifics on what is expected with regards to interacting with staff, building guidelines, or anything else, just click any of the links, below!

Hope everyone has a SuperFunTime!

Originally written by Virginian & Sparkle_Sun!

  • Do not grief. (Griefing is breaking/taking things that do not belong to you)
  • Do not abuse glitches/exploits > Report them to JMod+
  • Do not break only half of a tree > Please do not leave floating trees.
  • Do not grief natural structures > Report unprotected structures to Mod+
  • Do not ruin natural water flow > Report uneven water to Mod+
  • This is a survival server. Staff are not required to return you to where you died.

Buying/Selling Rules
  • You may sell Slimefun items through /ah or autoshops; buyers must ensure they are aware of what they are buying.
  • No obvious scams of selling low priced items for high prices, unless it is clearly marked.
  • Buyers are responsible for checking prices, they are not entitled to a refund for fairly sold items.

  • Do not attack, insult or flame other players. If you have a problem with someone, report it to a member of staff.
  • No comments targeting race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identities, suicide, self-harm, religion, political groups or cultures, or sexual innuendos. Doing so may result in a prompt ban depending on the situation.
  • No jokes targeting race, religion, political groups, cultures, dirty jokes, or anything distasteful and mocking modern issues such as jokes about 9/11, the current political climate in the Middle East, mass shootings, etc.
  • No debates on religion, politics, or any delicate subjects in global chat. Private debates are fine, but staff/SFT are not responsible for offense taken in private discussions.
  • You can mess around and pull pranks as long as you don't break any server rules and if the player(s) affected or staff tell you to stop, you need to stop.
  • You may PvP as long as both parties have agreed to it. Items lost as a result are up for grabs unless both parties agreed to return said items after the fight.
  • No inappropriate/offensive skins or usernames. If you have one, you will be asked to change it.
  • You may swear, so long as it is not excessive or directed at another player. Spewing foul words into the chat is considered excessive.

  • There is no need to ask for staff ranks, once you have 150 hours on survival you may apply > Apply here!
  • When asking for a staff member, please specify what you need. They will be able to help you much faster.
  • Do not beg Managers to open the EMP, they will open it in their own time.
  • Do not pretend to be staff > You will be banned.
  • Report any issues with staff to the HoS or another Admin. The current HoS is Maya546 and the AHoS is AidenBwah.
  • Do not ignore/evade/run from staff. The situation will be resolved much more easily if everyone cooperates.
  • Do not insult the staff/server publicly. Feel free to provide suggestions or improvements on the forums or directly to a staff member.
  • If you feel personally offended by staff, take it up with them in a private PM, or report them to a higher rank. Staff should do the same beyond the initial warning "Hey [soandso] please stop!"
  • If a staff member tells you no and then follows it up with a reasonable explanation, you cannot have whatever you asked them to do done.

Staff Rank Expected Duties
If you have a question, please ask in the chat. The community may be able to help you quickly.

Otherwise, a quick breakdown of our jobs:

  • Stops griefing and hacking
  • Monitors chat and resolves disputes
  • Answers questions
  • Places dispensers (Veteran+ may also)
  • General assistance and helping point players to the correct staff member
  • Eventhosts are the same rank, but are required to host events

  • Everything a JMod does
  • Protects houses, builds, farms and property of a player
  • Places lava and pistons
  • Fixes uneven water and lava
  • Able to drain lava and water
  • Handles xrayers
  • Adds members and owners to protections (Owners can add members on their own with /rg am [prot name] [playername])
  • Eventmods are the same rank, but are required to host events

  • Everything a JMod/Mod does
  • Opens the EMP (do not beg)
  • Removes BCV's in the order they were reported
  • Hosts events
  • Deals with ban evaders
  • Manages and handles tickets

  • Everything of the below ranks
  • Fixes permissions and changes ranks
  • Mostly behind the scenes jobs

  • You must cover any and all hoppers with a chest, as this reduces lag tenfold.
  • Do not leave 1x1 stacks. Destroy them!!
  • Do not build within 20 blocks of another's building, or within 100 blocks of a town.
  • Do not forget to ask a Mod+ to protect your build!!
  • Do not build death warps or traps.
  • Do not build lag machines or anything that will cause server lag.
  • Do not build automatic redstone clocks or systems. Some semi-auto builds are okay- Please ask a member of staff about what you want to build!
  • Do not build anything inappropriate or NSFW.
  • Cover every and all hoppers with a chest, whether it is necessary or not, as this will reduce the lag they create. This rule excludes hoppers that actively have a purpose being exposed. (ie; spawners, fish piers, chicken eggs, and the like)

When a player is banned or no longer plays, their build may be marked for removal by a Manager+. This is how we keep worlds spacious for new players.

The following may result in a BCV:
  • Building within 20 blocks of a build or 100 of a town or autoshop.
  • Becoming inactive. Over 60 days for Guests/Untrusted and over 90 days for Member+. Current staff are not BCV'd as we are required to be active.
  • A building abandoned and griefed beyond repair.
  • Walls in large swaths of land with no building nearby.

Illegal Builds
Building one of the following will result in the build promptly being removed:

  • Dark Room Spawners: builds which create dark conditions for mobs to spawn naturally in a man-made chamber.
  • Drop/Autokill Spawners: builds which utilize drops or water to injure or kill spawned mobs. This is a form of an AFK device.
  • Redstone Clocks & Machines: Contraptions that keep an automatic redstone pulse.
  • Cobblestone Generators and Auto Obsidian Machines: Machines that automatically create cobble or obsidian.
  • AFK Auto Farms: Builds which utilize redstone devices to harvest crops automatically without the owner present. This includes fence cactus farms, auto shearers and auto-vine farms.
  • Piston Semi-Auto Farms: Builds which utilize pistons and usually water as a crop collection system.
  • Hoppers: More than 100 in one area, as they create an obscene amount of lag.

Builds such as auto-sorters, auto-furnaces, auto-brewing stations, and semi-auto farms that require the user to function are permitted so long as they do not fit into any of the above categories.

  • Do not advertise SFT on other Minecraft servers.
  • You are allowed to own your own server and be a member of SFT, but you may not advertise, recruit, or discuss your server on SFT either in public chat or whisper. Doing so will result in a global ban.
  • Staff on SFT are not allowed to own their own server or be staff on a competing server.
  • SFT does not disclose server information (hardware or software) in chat. Please direct any questions regarding server specifics to an owner.

As a general rule, we do not permit the use of client mods/texture packs which give you an unfair advantage, as this will result in a ban.
Listed below are the most common Mods/packs that are used; if you would like to use one that is not listed, please ask a member of staff for approval.

NOT Allowed:
  • Any minimap mod (with player/entity tracking or cave mapping on)
  • X-ray mods/texture packs
  • Hacking mods
  • Cheating mods
  • Any other mod that gives you an unfair advantage in minigames or in gaining achievements in survival

  • Camera MOD
  • Advance HUD
  • Optifine
  • Matmos Sound Mod
  • Useful ingame gui
  • JourneyMap Fair Play Edition
  • Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders

Due to compatibility issues, there may be mods that conflict with existing server plugins which we must ask you to not use.  The following list includes mods currently identified as being in this category:
  • Schematica

Some of us don't like reading. Some of us are simply too lazy to read (*glares at @Towelie*). Some of us get lost in huge walls of text. The above stated rules are actually "the rules", but if you're too lazy, here is the short version.

  • Don't be a jerk: Being a jerk to staff or other players just isn't cool.
  • Don't whine: We get it, life is hard and people are unfair. Shake it off, call a staff member if it involves the server, and let's all have a good time.
  • Do help each other: We're a community. Let's act like it.
  • Don't do stupid things that will obviously get you banned: If something makes you pause for a moment and question whether it's allowed or not, it's probably not. Ask a staff member if you have to.
  • Do use common sense: We fully understand that common sense isn't common, but humor us and let's pretend it is.  Any rule, policy, or guideline we have in place is pretty common sense stuff.  Don't cheat, don't grief, don't spam... Just exercise a little common sense and you'll probably never have to worry about seeing a staff member pop up to 'remind' you of any rules or guidelines.

It's that easy.

Long time StarNomad