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Started by AutoHandler, Feb 01, 2022, 04:08 AM

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In-game Nickname: FuntimeBonnie_

   Forum username: FuntimeBonnie_

   Why were you banned ?:
   Xray hacking

   Why should you be unbanned ?
   I'm really really sorry, I knew it was bad, I won't do it again.

   Extra Information:
Are you banned? Click here to request an unban.


Hey Bonnie,

As you know, you were banned for using an x-ray client, which is strictly forbidden on SuperFunTime. Since you were honest with me, I am willing to be more lenient with your terms:

       :slimeball: Tell me one rule about SFT and a duty of a Mod here -->,198401
       :slimeball: Promise to never use an x-ray or hacked client again.
       :slimeball: Have all iron+ items removed.
       :slimeball: Serve 3 hours of untrusted time.

You have one week to reply and accept your terms or it'll be locked with no unban and you'll need to submit a new request!

Maya  :heart: 
Discord Admin | Modded Mod
Survival Admin & Assistant Head of Staff


Hi yes hello!!

- Mods help handle and ban xrayers.
- I promise to never use a hacked client again (sorry).
- I don't have any chests (died), but I agree.
- I will serve the 3 hours.

Thank you Maya thank you!


Thank you for agreeing to the terms, I will contact an Admin to process your unban, hold tight as this may take a day or so.

Maya :heart:
Discord Admin | Modded Mod
Survival Admin & Assistant Head of Staff


Processed and done! Welcome back!

Manager+ can message me for details on this unban. (:

hi, i'm val
survival admin / HoS
yes i was SkyCatcher2461, no i don't suck anymore