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[B-Team] General Information Guideline

Started by ep9954, Mar 26, 2022, 06:22 PM

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Table of Contents:
  • Space Stations
  • Problems Regarding Trails
  • How to add Memory to the Modpack
  • Protection Flaws
  • Regarding Bugs and Glitches
  • Beware of Crafting Stations
  • Report Staff Misconduct

1. Space Stations
Space stations are bugged! If you build one please know that you will crash and will need a profile reset. Use this item at your own risk and we cannot remove the individual item.

2. Problems Regarding Trails
After running some tests with the Trails donation pack, only Fire(1), Smoke(2), Ender(3) and Firework(5) worked. Numbers 4, 6-21 were down/did not work/were buggy. Please take this under consideration when donating!

3. How to add Memory to the Modpack
Please understand that this requires Java 8 64 bit to do this. If you do not have the option to add more memory make sure that you have 64 bit Java installed! You only need 1-2 GB allocated for it to work & 10 GB is way too much. If you need Java please go here!

4. Protection Flaws
  • All doors can be opened with witchery spells.
  • Even though you can't glitch through walls in claimed areas with enderpearls, it is still possible using a witches hand.
  • Chips in project red pipes can be removed without permission in your claim.
  • Request pipes can still be used on claims without permissions. Be sure that you put a chest above the request pipe!
  • Armor in armor stands from any mod can be accessed without permissions so make sure you encase them in glass or another transparent block!
  • Portal addresses can be modified, removed, and added in the portal dialer from enhanced portals, as well as the modifiers which are also removable.

5. Regarding Bugs and Glitches
The majority of players we have seen have abused this act. Please note this statement:
Do not abuse any glitches or exploits you may find and please don't make them public! It is your responsibility to report any glitches found to staff or an Owner so that the glitch can be fixed. Wether you message them in game or Skype or on the forums, please just let someone know! Also, please do note that anyone found doing this multiple times will receive a punishment.

6. Beware of Crafting Stations
Please protect any area you own, even if its just furnaces and chests.Why? Because, if you own a chest or furnace and the land itself is unclaimed, someone can come along, place a Crafting Station next to the chest and steal your items. Now, we will obviously violate anyone that performs this (resulting in a ban and return of items), but help us help you. Prevent it now!
tl;dr - Protect every area you own, especially chests.

7. Report Staff Misconduct
Report any staff misconduct to the HoS Team for further investigation (AtomicPulse & ep9954)
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