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Arcade Vouchers!

Started by samanthasnee, Apr 02, 2022, 09:09 PM

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Hello Everyone! On behalf of the Event team, we are proud to present a fun new prize called Arcade Vouchers. Here are a few quick things to help familiarize you with these new vouchers:

What are Arcade Vouchers?
★Arcade Vouchers are just like vote tokens. You collect these Vouchers in order to redeem them for some fun and rare prizes!

How do you obtain Arcade Vouchers?
★Simply play events!
★Arcade vouchers will be rewarded periodically rather than a normal emp prize for both normal and weekly events, and can even be awarded during a weekend event.

How do you redeem Arcade Vouchers?
★Once you collect enough Vouchers to redeem a prize, simply exchange it with a Manager+!
★Please note that some of these prizes are from our premium shop, so those may take some time to exchange.

Finally, the fun part! Here is the list of prizes that you can redeem your vouchers for:
★1 Voucher = (x64) Concrete or Terracotta or Gravel
★5 Vouchers = (x1) Normal SteveCo crate (of choice) and key
★10 Vouchers = (x1) Shulker box
★15 Vouchers = (x1) Playerhead
★20 Vouchers = (x1) Elytra or (x1) Budding Amethyst block
★30 Vouchers = (x1) Custom Name and Lore on Item
★40 Vouchers = (x15) Invisible Item frames or (1x) Rare SteveCo crate (of choice) and key or (x10) Rename tags
★45 Vouchers = (x5) Particle gun tags
★50 Vouchers = (x1) Beacon or (x1) Nether Star
★60 Vouchers = (x10) Effect tags
★65 Vouchers = (x1) Random Unidentified Fossil

We really hope you have fun collecting and redeeming these Vouchers for some big and rare prizes!