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Have a Super Fun Time!

Build Contest!

Started by Trojan, May 03, 2022, 03:47 AM

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Winners of the May Build Contest:

Our winners are...

StarlordRonin/EchoesOfPompeii in first place!

KoveMorty in second place!

Build pictures:

StarlordRonin & EchoesOfPompeii's Catatumbo

KoveMorty's New Seed

Thank you to all that participated - we hope you had fun building and hope to see you in another build contest in the not so far off future :)

Hello all-

This upcoming weekend Maya and I will be hosting a Creative Build Contest for the very first time!

This event will allow teams of up to three to earn 450k emp per winner by competitively building on creative around a theme that will be announced Friday morning (American time). Those who win may even get a custom item to commemorate the event and their building skills! :>

So please stay tuned this following Friday on Discord for the theme announcement, and may the best builder(s) win!

NOTE: Any contestants who build with more than three builders, or build after exactly 11:59pm EST Wednesday will be DISQUALIFIED.
Here is a link to a timezone converter if you are confused:  Time Zone Converter

THEME RELEASED: Unearthed Treasures/Naked Beauties
Quote"Paint a portrait of the uncharted, or at least rare and naked parts of the remote world. Whether it's deep sea shipwrecks, ancient Aztec temples, or beautiful Mt. Everest; depict the hidden treasures of Earth creatively and inspiringly to win the contest."
Building judges:

When you have a build to submit, please post it no later than the deadline on this forum post with your team member names and a warp to your build!
EDIT: The prize has been bumped by 50k per winner and the event deadline extended!
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I need a refresher on how to get to my plot/build area... I haven't used creative that often.

Team Name: Wasted Seconds!
Members: Mazeworker.


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I'm in!
Working alone on this one, so I guess I'm team Morty ;)

Warp: KoveMorty1


Making this post for toasttazz!

Team members: toasttazz
Build Warp: /warp toasttazzz
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Warp name: Pixel23
Members: Myself and EchosOfPompeii

Long time StarNomad