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Started by AutoHandler, May 28, 2022, 07:11 PM

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In-game Nickname: WolfAiram

   Forum username: WolfAiram

   Why were you banned ?:
   Speed hacking, X-ray, Griefing and Evasion of Staff

   Why should you be unbanned ?
   I would want to revisit this server for nostalgia reasons.
It has been five years since the ban

   Extra Information:
   No other reason really, just would want to join this server again and play a bit
Are you banned? Click here to request an unban.


Hello @WolfAiram

Since it has been such a long period of time since your ban, we will unban you if you

- Agree to read the rules (https://www.superfuntime.org/rules)
- Agree not to hack or grief again

Please reply within a weeks time if you'd like to be unbanned.


Hello @WolfAiram ,

It has been over a week since I replied. If you'd still like to be unbanned, please open a new request.