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Proudly established in 2010, still going!

Any people still around from a decade ago?

Started by curiousartist, Jul 12, 2022, 07:32 AM

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Quote from: wolfey136 on May 03, 2024, 02:21 PMNot sure if anyone will remember me but I joined way back in 2011/2012 and played for a few years. I still remember searching for a Minecraft server to play on and SFT was the first and only one I ever played. Basically played my entire middle school and early high school days. I miss those times. It's crazy how fast time goes by.

This name rings a bell a little! You would have been pretty well established by the time I came along (2013), which is why I think I remember it. Glad to hear from you again, hope to see you online sometime soon!


I haven't been on in a while, but every once in a while I think about SFT... hi guys :)


I might've bumped this thread but today I just hopped onto SFT after years of not playing/revisiting my embarrassing tween years. Sometimes I randomly think about it and decide to join and have a look at the server to see how it has been going.

It's also pretty cool to see that Steve Co. and Slimefun are still used in Survival! Those two plugins were one of my favourite parts of SFT apart from the amazing community of course. ;)

                           /warp SteveCoMuseum