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Started by blalp, Jul 20, 2022, 05:38 PM

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Jul 20, 2022, 05:38 PM Last Edit: Jul 20, 2022, 06:04 PM by blalp
Lost's coming back!
As previously promised, we'll be reviving my first lov... I mean The Lost Islands, it's a wonderful pack, lots of options for everyone from casual players to the more hardcore. Modpack's not published yet.

It's a modded skyblock with loads of magic and tech. Whether you're into flower power, wizards, witches, or blood magic Lost's got it all. Whether you're into automation, reactors, automation, ludicrous machines, Lost's got it all. This will be the same mods we used back in the day. Minecraft version of 1.7.10. Mod list will be shared as release gets closer.

You'll fit right in...(exceptions apply)
Enjoy making your machines just a LITTLE bigger than they need it and got an itch to automate? You'll fit right in. Enjoy stringing together spells and rituals to cast lightning from your wand? You'll fit right in. Enjoy making your base purely out of cobblestone? You'll fit right in (you can do better if ya want, but I'm just too lazy sometimes). Enjoy starting your own business? Well forget about it, people here give away items for free, your business won't exist when people will literally pay you to give items.

Having fun with some old friends (and meet new ones), cause some chaos, and supporting each other. Whether that's in showing off your cool machines, in the pvp arena, or on the wrong side of a tnt cannon. But not just having fun from stuff that's on the server, but building each other up and making up your own games. That being said, I can't promise it will last forever, but every second that it does I'll cherish. Nor can I promise large player counts, but even if it's just you and me on the server we can have a super fun time (sorry had to), the rest are just missing out. They'll never know what insanity this is .

Note to the Veterans
While I know the temptation is there to stick to what you're familiar with, try some mods you haven't gotten as far into before. Enjoy your time here, don't rush through the pack, but live in each moment, build crazier than you need to build, mess around with friends. If your only goal is to complete the pack, you'll miss all that matters. Enjoy each moment, whether honing your craft on your island alone, or sharing with others.

We are not who we once were when Lost released all those years ago. If you expect this re-launch to be exactly like the good times you remember, you WILL be disappointed. Don't EXPECT (though I certainly hope it will) this to be the fun, friendly environment you remember...help it become the good times you remember. Be the change you want to see in the world. I need you to make this server what Lost was. I need your friendly attitude, your willingness to help, your insanity, your quirkiness. The server without you is just 1s and 0s, with you it is a place I can call my home. Thank you in advance, you're amazing, can't wait to see what wonderful people you've become :heart:

P.S. Join our cult https://discord.gg/h2ZkBYNQFB

B-Team and Tekxit will be shutting down in a little under two weeks (on the 31st) to make room. World downloads available on request as always. I'm sorry that I failed you, we'll take what we've learned to the next server.

In typical modded fashion TNT will fly. @Live2Ride17 Will sound the battle horn (probably Saturday night). Let's see some carnage! You'll have creative, no protections, feel free to make things go boom boom or build massive machines or whatever. If you want to get screenshots of your base, I highly advising doing so BEFORE that weekend (doubt you want a picture of a crater).

What you can do to help
Fill this post with post with beautiful builds from bteam, massive machines from tekxit, anything you want to show off from either server, post it here. Looking forward to seeing all that you've made!

Re-visit the memories of old, recall what you love(d) about this place (whether that's Lost, B-Team, Tekxit, anything modded or any of our servers). Then tell your story below. It is important to remember why we are here, together.
Have a fantastic day!