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Lost Islands Update

Started by Maya546, Aug 21, 2022, 05:53 AM

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Welcome to our new Lost Updates!
Now, ever since we announced the upcoming launch of Lost Islands, we have been a bit quiet... well that stops now! We have been working hard behind the scenes to polish up everything for the release, including digging up the ol' save files and discussing some fancy custom items. As for what we have recovered... let's get into it!

Initial Testing & Modpack Created
Thanks to our incredible development team, we have been able to create a modpack that is identical to the original Lost Islands! Although modded does have its IT flaws, we are working hard to hammer out a majority of the issues players may experience, specifically on our new test server. Here, we test out some custom recipes for unobtainable items :o as well as some fancy plugins that help us run things at the ol' spawn and eventworld we recovered!

Release Date
Now, I know this pack has a lot of anticipation surrounding it, so we want to make sure we get everything correct before we launch it! Therefore, to ensure this, we have delayed launch till late December. Think of it as a Christmas present! I know it is a long wait, but I assure you it will be worth it : )

Old Spawn
Some of you may remember the old old Lost spawn that I do, the one which was a castle when it first launched. However, I am sure that many of you remember the more recent spawn that was created featuring The Great Clock Tower (which actually may have prison cells in it at the very top). This will be included in our newly renovated spawn, so you can get a bit of nostalgia mixed with some exciting new introductions ;)

As for our recovered eventworld, we have all the classics! We got the SuperFunTime favorites like Simon Says, Traitor, Leafluck, Spleef, and many more! We are currently combining the old eventworld with some new builds as well as a lush landscape to freshen up the nostalgia you will experience when you see it!

Stay tuned for our next announcement, coming soon to a theater near you!
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I'm so excited!! December can't come soon enough


Delayed to spring break 2023

Keep up the hard work!  :heart: