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Started by AutoHandler, Nov 16, 2022, 12:16 AM

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In-game Nickname: chadlinuxuser

   Forum username: chadlinxuser

   Why were you banned ?:
   illegal mob grinder, emp scamming, illegal macro/AFK

   Why should you be unbanned ?
   I took some time to evaluate what I was actually doing and I realized it was so silly. There is really no need to make an illegal money farm on SFT, it was just a super silly thing to do. There's so many fun things to do on the server that don't involve being a nefarious rule breaker, and I don't know why I did all that.

I've always really enjoyed playing on SFT, and I'm very upset with myself for betraying the server and community in this way. I want to come back and have a good time in the community again, for that was always the thing about superfuntime I enjoyed the most.

   Extra Information:
Are you banned? Click here to request an unban.


Heya Chad, you were banned by Nicadean33 so I'm gonna let him cover the important parts of this ban!


gotcha! let me know if I need to provide more info or context or anything like that :)


Hi @chadlinxuser, I was the staff member who banned you. From what I understand, you have discussed your ban a bit with AidenBwah and you have shown some significant remorse. I am glad you understand that what you did put you at a larger advantage on the server compared to those who follow our rules. There are a couple of reasons to your ban, so I am going to break them down and what their consequences are;

Illegal Mob Grinder
You had setup an auto-afk Mob grinder, which is against our rules. Mob grinders are allowed as long as your are manually killing each mob, and not afk.
 :redflower: As a consequence, your auto-grinder will be removed upon your unban.

emp scamming
Through the use of your auto-mob grinder, you were able to accumulate a significant amount of mob heads, which in-turn allowed you to cash-in for a significant amount of emp. Upon discussion with the Manager+ team, you made trips to the EMP to purchase items such as nether stars and other high-profile items, which cost significant emp. You used illegal means to obtain the EMP, which is unfair to others who followed the rules. This is your most serious offence. Because of this, the consequences are also serious;
 :redflower: You will have your EMP set to 0
 :redflower: Because you used EMP to purchase materials and building blocks (verified by Manager+), you will have your buildings and chest removed, including the materials within your inventory and enderchest. Basically, you will start as a guest again.
 :redflower: You will need to serve 3 hours of Untrusted, a rank with limited abilities.

Illegal macro/AFK
This part played significantly into your above ban reasons. It was because you had a macro to log you back into the server when our AFK kicker would remove you that you were able to acquire and exploit the above items.
 :redflower: Please read our rules to be better aware of what is allowed and not allowed in the future.
 :redflower: These actions also contributed to the decision of placing you in the untrusted rank.

These requirements are significant, however, what you had done significantly put you at an advantage over other players who were following our rules. We hope to see you back on the server to continue to chat with friends, and that these unban requirements are used as a learning opportunity instead of a deterrent.

Your unban is also being discussed with other Manager+ team members, so some additional requirements may be put in place upon your unban.

I will need you to agree to each item of your unban to be able to process the unban. In your reply, please make sure to agree to 1)having your EMP set to 0, 2) having your builds and enderchest removed, 3) serving in the untrusted rank for 3 hours, and 4) having read the rules.

If you would like to discuss your requirements further you can do so here also. Please respond within 72 hours to keep your unban active and unlocked.


I agree to the terms for the unban :) thank you for considering a second chance!


Thank you for agreeing to our terms. Upon discussion with the Manager+ team and evaluating your builds, we did choose to leave you some of your protections instead of making you start from scratch. Anything that was iron+, had a mob spawner, and your /home was removed.

I will request an Admin to set your money and untrusted hours, and then you will be unbanned.


Your rank has been set to Untrusted for 3 hours. You can apply for Veteran again by contacting a staff member at 326 hours of uptime.

Welcome back!
hi, i'm jax
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