[Survival] Hobbit Auto Weekly Update

Started by Nicadean33, Nov 24, 2022, 02:50 AM

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Nov 24, 2022, 02:50 AM Last Edit: Feb 20, 2023, 02:38 PM by Nicadean33
Now introducing HobbitAuto to the Survival community

HobbitAuto is a consistently updated, mainly vanilla Autoshop ran by myself, Nicadean33. The following items are currently being sold;
  • All valuable materials like diamonds, netherrite, gold, iron, etc...
  • Basic building blocks like stone, gravel, sand, deepslate, etc...
  • Wood, saplings, and leaves
  • Food and natural items of all kinds
  • All mob drops
  • Nether
  • Dyes and concrete supplies
  • Ocean Monument Blocks

Also being stocked on limited availabiliy are;
  • Mending books
  • Mending and Unbreaking III
  • Shulker Shells
  • Sponges

HobbitAuto is continually stocked, a great alternative to the EMP, and easy to use! Come give it a tour, and feel free to comment below requesting big orders or other items to be sold that currently are not.

Visit at /warp HobbitAuto


HobbitAuto is now selling sponges!

Most popular items bought this week

 :workbench: Oak logs
 :workbench: Spruce logs

Very few sales this week





Additions to HobbitAuto this week:

 :lightstone: White wool
 :lightstone: Glass Blocks

Both items are located within the bulk sand/gravel and dyes section of HobbitAuto. Happy color crafting!


Quote from: Nicadean33 on Apr 04, 2023, 02:25 AMMost popular items sold this week:
 :gravel: Sand
 :mobspawner: Netherwart

Most popular items bought this week:
 :diamondblock: Nothing! Good week for Nicadean33

Interestingly enough, the same applied this week! Gunpowder was also a commonly sold item.


Most popular items sold this week:
 :sheep: Wool and dye supplies

Most popular items bought this week:
 :diamondblock: Ocean monument blocks