5 years and 1k hour milestone

Started by finb, Dec 24, 2022, 07:47 PM

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earlier today i finally hit 1k hours on survival! i was planning to make a similar post this october when i hit 5 years since i joined but i decided to hold off and wait until i also hit 1k hours for double appreciation post!! with hitting this big milestone i have realized how much this server means to me, sticking around during my highs and lows, all the friendships that ive made on here, and the crazy amounts of fun ive had on here. i've grown up with this server, for the past 5 years ive changed a lot, but one thing thats stayed the same is me finding time to play on here. big thanks to all present and past staff keeping up the good work and keeping it welcome to everyone that joins. now onto 2k hours!


Woooo!! 2k hours next let's go!!!!


Congratulations finb! That is a huge milestone! On average, you played 200 hours a year or roughly 33 minutes every day!


shoutout to u changing ur name and skin to shrek