Starting a new town and burning all my money. Join the Hub now!!!

Started by Calamador, Sep 20, 2023, 07:09 AM

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Hi SFT, I've been playing on this server for quite a long time.  I've amassed quite the fortune of rare items, EMP, and built quite a lot of things I'm proud of.  But in this time I feel something has been missing.  One of the things which I enjoy most about playing on a server is seeing all of the builds that all of you create!  But flying over the server randomly is always kinda a pain which is why I've decided to start a town!  The idea behind this town is to have a bunch of buildings made by all the members of the server which have 2 way sign warps both from the Hub to a build of yours and from the build back to the Hub.  This way rapid transit to all of the cool builds of the server will be readily accessible!

Now you may be wondering why would I do this?  Why bother building in this town?  And what was that bit in the title about burning all of your money Calamador?
I've amassed a treasure trove of 64 different bundles of goodies all of which can be viewed at:

/warp hub_prize

The warp also serves as a sniffer petting zoo!

Here are a sampling of some of the goodies you can acquire:
900 Vote tokens!!! Enough for FLY perms.
64 Steveco Crate Keys!!!  Open all your spare crates.
1 Beacon!!!  Beam your very own bat signal!  Also the buffs are nice.
64 Sponges!!!  A rare commodity, great for Pyrofishing and bragging.
10,000,000 EMP!!!  Money, straight up just a lot of money.

The way this will work is that the top 3 builds of this contest will get to hand pick their reward from the prize room.  The remaining 61 prizes will be put in to a big redstone contraption(construction pending) and be assigned to random members of the town.

Additionally every unique person who enters will receive a goodybag of 1 sponge, 1 steveco Key, and 1 diamond block guaranteed, no RNG involved!!! (offer only valid for the first 150 entrants)

So hopefully me burning the vast majority of my wealth is enough to entice you to build in this town but now onto the topic of how to enter.  The town is located in W1 at

/warp hub

Simply choose an empty plot to build on and if I or another Mod is on ask to be added to it.  If no mods or myself are online name an item with your username using an anvil and place it on any of the empty chests to claim the plot for yourself.

To count for the raffle your plot should include a 2 way sign warp to another build that you have on the server.  To create a sign warp simply create a sign with the text:


be sure to make 2 warps and set them up so that one sign leads to the other for easy travel to and from the Hub!

In addition as I expect this town to be very populated I'll forbid the creation of an auto within the town limits itself.  Instead there will be a marketing district for you to advertise your own Autoshops from!

Do try and keep your builds lit up and of course follow all the usual server rules for building.  Other than that have fun and I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

This contest will remain open until November 18th at 2:00PM PST


Sure... I'll like to build something... hint: its not a maze as the name implies...