[Survival] Pyromining Shard have as rewards for Arcade Vouchers for the holidays

Started by Kakota, Oct 21, 2023, 05:39 PM

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Hello SFT community!

For the holidays, starting October 22nd and ending November 8th we have added Pyromining Shards as a reward redeemable via Arcade vouchers!
30 vouchers will give you one Pyromining Shard.

These shards will help spawn in The Unknown of one of the four variants that will drop anything from Zeta to rare vessels and other rare drops!

You will need 10 of these to spawn in "The Unknown Variant"
More info about "The Unknown" can be found here.

Any admin+ can help in the redemption process.
Feel free to make a ticket in the discord(currently in survival-feedback) or ask online when any admin+ is present :)

Happy Halloween!