[Survival] Build Contest - Christmas Edition!

Started by Kakota, Dec 03, 2023, 03:36 AM

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Hello SFT community!

The holidays are approaching very rapidly!
That means *drumroll* our annual Christmas build contest has returned!

The build contest runs from now and will end December 31st, 11:59PM EST!
-->Countdown here til the event ends<--

We ask that all builds are related to Christmas or the Winter season. All builds must be built on survival though however! You can build solo or with a team! Please leave all submissions below including if you created the build by yourself or with a team (including all team members' names), and the warp to get to the submission. If you have any other questions about the contest, please feel free to leave a comment or contact @samanthasnee or myself!

Prizes will include:
1st Place: 3mil emp, 5 arcade vouchers and a player head of choice.
2nd Place: 2mil emp and 3 arcade vouchers.
3rd Place: 1.5mil emp & 1 arcade voucher.
Prize winnings will be evenly split between team members. Everyone who participates will also get a fun and unique custom item!

Once the contest has ended, we will get the results back to you within a week's time.
Happy Building!  :heart:


/warp Em_Christmas

Can't wait to see other builds!




Thank you everyone for your submissions :)

The manager+ team will be voting on this. Results will be back within a week or so - stay tuned!  :heart:


Thank you everyone for your patience! We have the results ;)

Drumroll please....

1st place! Emily

2nd place! ShadowTaco

3rd place! Cala

I'll handle rewards next time I am on <3 and will post here once everything has been handed out.


Vouchers, emp and other gifts have been handed out and left at your guys /home.

Thank you for participating!  :heart: