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[Survival] Secret Santa 2023 is back!

Started by Kakota, Dec 04, 2023, 01:27 AM

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Dec 04, 2023, 01:27 AM Last Edit: Dec 04, 2023, 01:33 AM by Kakota
Greetings SFT community :)

We here at SFT have been working super hard with Santa and his elves to bring back the annual Secret Santa 2023!
We're excited to announce it is back!

From now until December 24th, 11:59PM EST you may give out gifts and receive gifts from others who wish to participate in this years Secret Santa event!

How do I get to Secret Santa?
/warp SS2023

Will there be warp signs to the different builds for easier nagativation
Yes! At /warp SS2023 are warp signs for your convivence to easily find players or keep up to date of new players taking part!

How do I claim my Secret Santa chests at the event?
Any staff member can help you!
Kindly ask one of our staff members you'd like a Secret Santa chest and they will help you from there!

I accidentally put an item I didn't mean to gift! Can I get it back?
Yes you can! Request an admin ASAP!
If none are online, you can ask any other staff member online to request you one!
If no staff are online, please open a ticket and we'll help you ASAP!

Do I have to have a chest at Secret Santa to give out gifts?
You do not need a chest at Secret Santa in order to participate in it!
Anyone is welcomed to take part and join in! :)

How long can I give out or receive gifts?
Until December 24th, 11:59PM EST!

How long do I have to collect my gifts from the Secret Santa event?
Until January 7th, 2024

What happens if I do not collect my gifts? Are they gone forever?
If you have any remaining gifts in your chests, a manager+ will leave them at your /home :)
If you do not have a /home we will leave it at one your protections, preferably the 1st one!

Merry Christmas SFT!  :heart: